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The Rice Purity Test. What’s Your Score

Purity Tests!

A purity test attempts to judge how"pure" you're within some domain of expertise by having you answer a list of questions concerning which behaves, etc. associated with the topic you have engaged in. Generally, for each"yes" response you eliminate a purity stage. The end result is scaled to tell you exactly what percentage of purity you still retain.

Rice Purity Tests!

There are Lots of ways for adults Experiences with each other, such as details that many would consider personal. But in the event that you really wish to know about a individual's sordid past, simply ask them to take the Rice Purity Test. Let's look a a few things you should know about the test before you choose whether to choose it.

There is nothing Incorrect with submitting the questionnaire out for fun, but taking the consequences too seriously can have negative consequences. Some people have shared their scores publicly, only to be shamed with their own pals. Therefore, if you or someone you know requires the exam, keep in mind that it can not really determine how great a person you are. Judging someone due to the score they get is not okay.


Purity tests have been around for ages, initially taking the kind of written lists of questions. With the dawn of the Net, it became popular to disperse them by electronic means. Some have been altered to be programs or shell scripts which would ask you every query then, and also do the calculations for you once you're finished. Back in 1989, Eric Lechner wrote a program that will do the same thing using information documents which described different purity tests.

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Last Note

If you realize that a payoff test ends abruptly (prior to the true end of this test), it's probably because the HTTP transport collapsed or your browser is not capable of addressing the enormous number of checkboxes the larger evaluations have. You may wish to scroll at the bottom of a test to be certain it's all there before filling it out, since it is annoying to find out 90 percent of the way through a 1500-question test you can not publish it.

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The Armory Purity Test Scoring Engine has processed more than sixteen million test submissions at January 2010.